Multitasking is Dangerous


If you think that your ability to text, talk, or email while driving is impressive… think again! It’s dangerous, and it can lead to a dangerous situation on the road.

We may feel compelled to check our phones whenever we hear our alert tones— and, maybe you have been able to do so without any negative consequences. But, how many times have we heard people involved in a crash say, “I just took my eyes off the road for a second”? It only takes a second of not paying attention to run over a young child, to crash into another car, or to hit a bicyclist who is turning in front of you.

Drivers in the United States who talk, text, or read emails significantly increase their chance of being involved in a crash. In fact, Americans ages 18­­–64 read or sent more texts or emails while driving than their European counterparts.

And every day, more than nine people die in crashes that involve a distracted driver.

As if texting and emailing weren’t enough, many U.S. drivers also succumb to other kinds of distractions while behind the wheel.  Eating while driving, adjusting the radio or using navigation technologies are also distractions. Anything we do while driving that gets in the way of us watching and seeing the road, handling the steering wheel, or focusing on driving should be avoided.

Understanding how easy it is to lose your focus on driving, if only for a moment,  is the first step in realizing how important it is to resist multitasking behind the wheel and to prevent distracted driving. Keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on driving. Your life and that of others depend on it!

How do you avoid distractions while driving?