Distracted Driving



While Americans may be distracted drivers, we’re certainly not alone, according to a new six-country survey. If you thought distracted driving was only caused texting and talking, you’ll be surprised by what people admit to doing while driving.


 A survey of 1,800 drivers in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia and Japan by GN Netcom, a headset manufacturer, found that 72% of drivers admitted to eating food on the road, 35% have changed clothes while driving and 23% have styled their hair.


 Then again, 29% admit to having “kissed others” while driving, and 15% said they’ve performed a sexual act while driving.


 Also, 28% admit they’ve sent text messages, 13% have applied makeup, 12% have read emails, 10% read the newspaper or a magazine and 5% have played video games while driving.


 That’s the one that got me: video games? I guess I just found the line between dangerous driving behavior and something that makes your eyes bulge out of the sockets when you see another driver doing it.