Advice for Drivers During a Traffic Stop

We queried a few law enforcement agencies (sheriff, police, highway patrol) for their advice for drivers who are being pulled over for a traffic ticket.


The Pasco County (FL) Sheriff’s Office created a 2-minute video to share with us and our readers. (A list is included at the end of the video.)



A Tweeter, @SuperHerosWife, also responded to the conversation with the advice “not to argue, that’s what traffic court is for.” We think that’s good advice. You may have heard, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” which means you get what you want more often when you’re nice or have a positive attitude. It applies in a traffic stop, also. An officer isn’t going to change his/her mind because you argued or raised your voice to them. You’re elevating the adrenaline on both sides of the car door. You might drive away with additional tickets for other things the deputy noticed you had done on the road, or worse, you might get arrested. Accepting responsibility, apologizing, or being understanding of the sergeant’s viewpoint might make the officer feel like giving you a warning instead.